Tips For Keeping Your Self-Esteem High After Getting Out Of Rehab

It can be difficult to return to the real world after rehab. In the real world, there are emotional and behavioral triggers that could encourage you to return to your old ways. Keeping your confidence up is the best way to ensure that you do not relapse and are successful after treatment. Here are some tips for keeping your self-esteem high. 1. Build Mastery The first thing that you are going to want to do when you're out of rehab is to build mastery--or have a sense of accomplishment so that your rational mind is in charge over the emotional mind.

These Professional Women Who Made A Difference Should Inspire You

Are you a professional woman trying to succeed against tremendous odds to make a difference? Do you sometimes feel the battle not worth it? Yes, it is tough living in this ultra-competitive world. The pressure to make it can cause even the strongest to break down at times. Where can you find motivation and inspiration? There are self-help courses, books and videos that can provide some reasons to continue on. The main thing is that you keep positive thoughts in mind.